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Under the Sea Group exhibition at St Michaels on Collins Melbourne

Work in Progress Shot of Coral Spawning an Abstract Expressionist Painting created by Australian Artist Rebecca Coulter for group exhibition Under the Sea ar St Michaels Gallery on Collins April 2017

I’m taking part in an Exhibition called ‘Under the Sea’. How appropriate!

I’m excited to share with you that I’ll be exhibiting four of my Abstract Expressionist paintings at St Michael’s Gallery on Collins in Melbourne from April 2nd-23 as part of a group Exhibition with Gina Fishman and Katie Westle.

Work in progress shot of Rockpool abstract expressionist painting created by Rebecca Coulter

I’ve completed four works that I’m going to show.

l have had great days up in my studio painting. It’s an amazing opportunity that’s come my way and Thanks go to Erin who, whilst wearing her Gallery Curator/Director Hat, thought of my work when planning the Gallery’s Exhibition Calendar for 2017.  I feel so lucky. Worked for it yes, but so, so fortunate…

Work In Progress shot of Abstract Expressionist Painting The Green Hole Created by Australian Artist Rebecca Coulter for group exhibition Under the Sea ar St Michaels Gallery on Collins April 2017

All the information about the Exhibition and my fellow Artists is up on the St Michael’s site.

Please pop over and check it out.  It’s a good, quick read and you’ll see examples of Gina And Katie’s work too. The official opening celebration kicks off at 11am on Sunday the 2nd April so I’d love to see you there. Here’s the address and all the details.

Opening celebrations 11am, Sunday 2 April
Exhibition dates 2 – 23 April

St Michael’s on Collins Melbourne
120 Collins Street
Melbourne VIc 3000

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking over these work in progress shots of the Paintings. Come and take a look at how they look as finished pieces, I’d love to see you at the opening or please drop into the Gallery as it suits you. Th Gallery is open 9 til 5 Monday to Friday.

Did you know I paint Custom Watercolour Portraits?

Rebecca Coulter of ArtistaStyle.com creates custom watercolour portraits from your photos

Custom Watercolour Portraits. They’re absolutely fun to paint.

For the last two years I’ve been making Custom Watercolour Portraits for people who want to capture a special someone, whether that be a beautiful little soul that’s growing so fast, or a beloved face they’ll never see again. The Paintings have so much meaning to the people that order them, -especially the bereavement portraits-, because a portrait captures something of a person in a totally different way to the way a photograph does. I make them with Love and Intention and when you see them in real life, I think that it shows. They’re truly beautiful ( even if I say so myself) and such an individual way to bring heart and style to your home.

Detail of a work in progress custom watercolour portraits created by Rebecca Coulter of Artista Style

They’re treasure to be handed down through the family.

Recently a family commissioned me to created a portrait of each of their children. The photos I worked the portraits from were chosen to recall a beautiful memory of a particular day out that the whole family remember as just one of those magical days that seem to work. Nothing spectacular that makes an exciting story, just a special day shared that doesn’t need to be explained to anyone that was there, because they all felt it. Perfect.

Custom Watercolour Portraits created by Rebecca Coulter of ArtistaStyle.com . Taking your special memories and turning them into beautiful artworks to be treasured for generations to come.

It’s an intense experience to make them.

I’ve been depicting people in my drawings and paintings since I was a child. I’m much better at painting than drawing. It just seems easier to express what I’m working on with a brush rather than a pencil. Less tight. I find colour much better for describing things. The drawing has to be correct though, especially when you’re doing real people in watercolour portraits. If you mess that up, nothing will save the painting. That’s the first challenge.

Custom Watercolour Portraits created by Rebecca Coulter of ArtistaStyle.com Creating beautiful artworks from your photos

Watercolour is absolutely beautiful, and very tricky.

It’s always intense doing watercolour portraits. You can never say you’ve got it in the bag until it’s done, because watercolour is unforgiving. Every bit of paint you lay down matters.  It doesn’t matter how many hours you have put in, if you mess it up even in the very last minute, there’s virtually no going back. You have to concentrate and be fully present every step of the way. That’s one of the reasons I like doing them. They are such good training for everything else I do. And they make people so happy. That’s the other reason I like doing them. They have real meaning to the people that commission them.

And I’m sorry, but I just can’t help it…. I’m going to name drop.

Shaynna Blaze sees beautiful things every day, and she thinks they’re amazing.

Australian style icon Shaynna Blaze, who sees beautiful things every day, thinks they’re amazing. (and yes, I did jump around a bit when I saw that she’d left a comment on this portrait in my twitter feed. I jumped around a bit more when I saw that she’s chosen to follow Artista Style’s tweets. You can too if you like. Here’s the link.)

Shaynna Blaze Interior Design Expert and one of the judges on the iconic TV show The Block likes Artista Styles contemporary watercolour portraits. In fact she thinks this one is amazing!

If You’d like to enquire about a portrait commission I’d love to work with you. Contact me Here to start talking ideas!  If you need a bit more information head over to the portrait page here and have a look at some other portraits I’ve done.

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The Decor Design Show

 Artista Style & The Decor Design Show

The Decor Design Show is a Premier Trade Show Event  that happens here in Melbourne every year and being invited to exhibit in it was really, really, exciting, as well as really, really terrifying!

I decided to exhibit my Coastal Style Illustrations and some new Abstract Paintings from the Underwater Love Collection. A really lovely surprise was finding out that my stand was 1 of 17 selected from the 200+ exhibitors to be featured on the Trend Tour Walk ran by International Trend Forecasters Scarlet Opus.

That’s Victoria Redshaw standing there with the microphone talking about my work. You can read what she had to say about it here.

Victoria Redshaw of Trend Forecasting Agency Scarlet Opus talks about the Paintings and Illustrations from Artista Style featured on the Decor Design Show Trend Walk Tour.

 Every day of the show she came past twice with people who had paid to hear what she had to say,

Including visitors to the Exhibition like the Editors of Home Beautiful Magazine and Grand Designs Australia. It really was a buzz to meet so many amazing people. It was a fantastic experience to listen to Victoria, who sees beautiful things everyday, talk about what it was that she thought was important about my work and why she thought it was relevant in a wider context than the show.

For someone who spends a lot of time by herself making things and just hoping that there’s a place for what I do in the world, it was fortifying stuff!

Artista Styles stand at the Decor Design Show In Melbourne AustraliaPhoto courtesy of @thejollyfisher

I also gave my first ever interview.

Design Online wrote a feature article on Artista Style prior to the Decor Design show and that was interesting. Pretty nerve wracking actually, but I managed to say something coherent because Daniella Casamento wrote a beautiful piece about Artista Style and it was shared on Facebook around 250 times and ended up being one of their most popular posts about the show.  I’d love for you to go and read it here!

‘Seabed Miniscapes’ small scale abstract on canvas blocks from the Underwater Love Collection by Artista Style

All in All it was an amazing expansive experience.

I’m so glad I went to the effort I did to get there. And just quietly, there is a pretty big opportunity that stems from the show that if it goes ahead – and I see no reason why it won’t – will be a big step forward for Artista Style. It’s one of those things that won’t happen over night, so for now that is all I will say but I can’t wait to tell you more!

Join the crew in the Collectors Circle and see it all first.

You’ll see how an artwork comes to life and have the opportunity to shop new collections first before they’re released for sale. It’s your best chance to get the artwork you really want!

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Beautiful Beginnings & transformative haircuts

ArtistaStyle beautiful beginnings and transformative ha

This week is the beautiful beginning of a couple of special things around here.

Firstly, that happened. Somehow we went from naught to five years…. five very quick, joyful  years. My youngest is off to Prep. My second youngest is in Grade 2 and my second oldest is in Grade 4.  My eldest is in Grade 5. It’s the end of a beautiful era in our lives, and the beginning of something wonderful for all of us.

This little one, she is so ready to go to school. It’s the ‘having older siblings’ thing. And that hair cut. When she turned around at the hairdressers to show me……wow. Not a ‘little’ girl anymore, she’d morphed before my eyes. My eldest had a significant transformative haircut too, Needless to say, their Father is not happy.

Little Miss Prep barely gave me a look on that first morning as I said goodbye to her in her classroom. It was great. How could I not be happy for her? She’s embracing her next stage in life.

So am I.

People  say to me Oh Beck you won’t know yourself…. what are you going to do with all that time?

Artista STyle Studio space

I know exactly what I am going to do with all that time.

I’ve cleaned out my studio of everything that I no longer have a burning desire to finish. I let them go. I have ideas and things I want to do this year that just won’t wait. I can’t tell you how great it is to have space up there that isn’t cramped with half finished things that I no longer want to pursue.

I’m going to experience continuity, and I’m going to make beautiful things. I’ve been really looking forward to this opportunity. It’s like I’ve done an eleven year apprenticeship specialising in tenacity and now I feel I value time because of that experience. That’s why I’m so sure of what I want to do, because I’ve hung in there through nights and days and weeks of trying to finish even small things, without any continuity, and still even through all that I couldn’t imagine saying, No, just stop…it’s all too hard.

I can’t imagine a life I want to live without making in it. So here’s cheers to new beginnings. For little girls and big ones too.

Maybe I’ll get a haircut.


 Join the crew in the Collectors Circle and see it all first.

You’ll see how an artwork comes to life and have the opportunity to shop new collections first before they’re released for sale. It’s your best chance to get the artwork you really want!

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Beach Walks and Treasure Hunts


Imagine having this on your doorstep.

Walking on the beach is one of my favorite things. Recently my tribe stayed with family in East Gippsland which if you don’t know it, it’s an amazingly beautiful part of Australia.


First we had to cross this.

The Morass. Long grass that’s just full of possibility if you’re a little person with an imagination. Foot sucking bits were you could lose a shoe. Snakey bits (possibly anyway- I never saw one) and things that bite and sting.


Then we had to climb this.

It doesn’t look like much, but that dune is very steep and had the added benefit of the optical illusion of standing still whilst moving forward because as we went up the sand was trickling down, so it looked like we weren’t moving at all. Going up was a challenge, especially for the little people, but when we got to the top, there was….. this.


What a sight! everything on a grand scale.

That’s Bass Straight out there. It’s a wicked stretch of water and that is as calm as it’s ever going to get. No wind! No wind at the beach on any day is a gift! The color of the world that day was incredible.  I never wanted to go home. We walked, rolled down sand dunes, fished off the beach and collected treasure.


So much treasure.

We found bird bones still attached by sinews but in every other aspect clean, tiny little bird sculls, fragments of coral fans, and shells that I had never seen before. Fish head bones, fragments of crab shells, jelly fish, interesting driftwood.

We spent the better part of the afternoon there, time out of the world.

We never did find out what the beach was called. Our hosts, when asked, just called it secret beach. And I was happy with that.