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Artista Style is a boutique Art and Design Studio that offers strikingly colourful, intricately detailed Original Artworks created by Australian Artist Rebecca Coulter. Here she stands infront of her Inspiration Wall in her studio.

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Hello and thanks for coming to find out a bit more! 

My name is Rebecca Coulter, I’m an Australian Artist and I create all the artwork you see here at Artista Style. My paintings hang in homes in Australia, England, France, Italy, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and also in Canada.


 I’m inspired by meandering along beaches and getting lost in the moment. 

My family and I marvel at all the weird and wonderful things the ocean throws onto the beach. Time spent wandering along the shoreline is always free time and that in itself is invigorating.  The sensations of air and sun on our skins, the colours, textures, smells and sounds of the coast; we love it all.  My style of art is my way of taking a bit of that home with me. When l paint l have a similar feeling to when I’m wandering around a beach. For me, it all seems to be connected. 


It would be fun to stay in touch.

Join us in the Collector’s Circle and I’ll let you know about any exhibitions or designer markets Artista Style is doing. I love connecting with the people that appreciate what I make.  Best of all, you’ll see how an artwork comes together and have the opportunity to shop new collections before they are released for sale! 

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